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Neighborhood Policies
& Programs

Priorities for Each Neighborhood in D6



More police presence on a consistent basis

Increase traffic enforcement

Add a new Fire Station & Police Substation on the west end of Ahwatukee to reduce call times, and account for the new construction & homes being built on the former State Trust lands.

More paving, especially of residential streets

Add amenities, including more pickleball courts, to Ahwatukee parks

Work with neighboring areas to see if we can extend the new Multi-Use Path along the 202 and/or connect it with a couple of Complete Streets where feasible to create a loop



Secure & complete 56th Street improvement project

Connect the Cross Cut Canal, Arcadia Park, and the 56th St project into a unified exercise loop, with ground lighting for night time use

Increase traffic enforcement

Add strategic access to Bus Rapid Transit lines

Create designated biking and walking corridors away from arterial roads

Pave & improve our portions of the SRP canal in line with what Scottsdale has done

North Central

North central

Protect contiguous single-family residential areas from proposals to eliminate so-called “exclusionary” zoning

Increase traffic enforcement

Upgrade & improve Bridle Path, including planting new trees and adding features


Work with other Council members to address a permanent solution on the 7’s which eliminates the reverse lanes


Do not allow any new project to proceed without adequate parking

North Central


Plant more trees

Build shade structures

Cool pave streets

Increase police presence

Work with local businesses to improve visual environment

Create comprehensive development plan to protect single-family neighborhoods


more coming soon


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